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The Move - Day 6

I seem to have a summer cold. I am sitting in the middle of chaos and wondering if I ought to act or whether I should take a shower and nap a while.

I did go out, pick up the car keys and catnip that I left in my abandoned junk drawer, buy the Neosporin I talked about last night, and get a chicken burrito. I hadn't had any lunch.

I will feel better when Jack makes an appearance, as he does seem to believe that his familiar world lies just beyond the front door. I'd like the reassurance of knowing he didn't escape when I left.

(Now that he has a much bigger place to live in, I wonder if he'll no longer hear me in the hallway and come running when I open the door?)



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Jul. 18th, 2011 05:56 am (UTC)
If Jack is anything like my cat, he'll actually become much more social with the bigger place. My theory is that with the added space and more places to hide, my Smudge actually feels safer and therefore more friendly. Of course, she also lives for her food, and since I'm the only one to feed her, she makes a point of always knowing where I am. She waits for me by the front door when I get home from work. I can actually hear her meowing from outside.
Anyway, bet within a month, Jack will rule the roost.
Jul. 18th, 2011 11:38 pm (UTC)
Anyway, bet within a month, Jack will rule the roost.

You're probably right! If nothing else, being away from me for almost a week has made him more affectionate. Right now he still hides a lot, but comes out at bedtime and for his now-standard 6 am petting and tummy rub. (He'll meow until he wakes me up and gets my attention, if I haven't got up by then on my own!)
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