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The Move, Day 4: Tea and garbage bags

I don't know where the tea or my kettle are, but I do have one mug and a pot, which I can boil water in.  I am going to Kroger to get tea and garbage bags, which I am also out of but foresee an imminent need for.

I am in a Panera again.  Bless Panera and their free Internet access.  The soup is pretty good, too. 

Today I went and picked up my paintings, my feminine supplies, some dishes that were left in the dishwasher, and a handful of miscellaneous small items that fit easily into a box.  My sister thinks she can enlist the help of a friend with a minivan to finish clearing the old place.  There's still my poster collection, a few small furniture items, a full-length mirror, all the laundry stuff, and the contents of the fridge to move.