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The Move - Day 3

8:26:  Have packed a number of things; have run out of boxes.  Waiting for movers. 

The movers have come; the movers moved; the movers have gone.  I now have a new home, a lot of furniture, and brown cardboard boxes as far as the eye can see.

I had the bright idea to pack a suitcase so that i could dress tomorrow without having my boxes unpacked yet.  I didn't think to pack bedding.  So I think I've narrowed down what box it's in.  Otherwise I may sleep on the bare mattress with a couch cushion for a pillow. 

But we are only 75% moved.  For reasons not clear to me, the movers didn't pack my paintings, my lampshades, anything in my laundry room (except for the washer and dryer) or the contents of my fridge.  I will have to go back before Tuesday and gather up all this.  I am NOT looking forward to it.  But that may just be fatigue talking.  I am so bone tired.

How, you may be wondering, am I able to post, after telling you all that I wouldn't have internet until Friday?  Ans:  the little red netbook and I am in a Panera, surrounded by squawking children, gabby teenagers, and senior citizens who are having trouble with their cell phones.  I have broken out the earplugs.