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Well, they tell you to use up the stuff in your fridge before you move.  So I've made:
  • Cheddar biscuits (the American kind):  used up the cheddar, the buttermilk powder, the baking powder, the salt, almost all the butter, and the bread flour.  (You shouldn't make biscuits from bread flour, but I figured what the heck, I want to empty this canister out!  And they were fine.)  I also mixed the dough in the food processor, which seemed to work well and involved less chunking up of frozen butter.

  • Vegan cupcakes.  I didn't make the (excellent) frosting for them, because I knew that would double or triple the calories.  So I just have a dozen little unadorned chocolate cakes now in a plastic tub.  Making them involved using up the sugar, the canola oil ("canola" isn't a proper noun, is it?) and my stash of cupcake papers.

  • Tofu Lime Freeze.  All you tofu haters, go to the left, because this is an excellent, easy to make, minimal fuss lime sherbet.  You do need an ice cream maker, but those can be had for less than $100.  This used up some silken tofu and a can of frozen limeade.   Add a little rum, garnish with mint, and you have a frozen mojito. 
Still to come:  Thai-inspired ginger chicken, which will use up the frozen chicken, the carrots, the onions, the green onions, the bell peppers, and possibly the mushrooms.  The mushrooms may be too late for this world. 

What am I procrastinating about?  Oh, all the reading I need to do if I intend to take a certification exam at any point before the end of August, which is when my performance review comes up.