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First look at new home: argh.

Well, the first look at my new home, now that it's unoccupied, was sure to be an anticlimax.
  • I went there with a friend, and when he tried to open the microwave (over the stove), the handle came off in his hand.  
  • The two bedrooms have multiple BIG bright yellow dog-pee stains on the carpet.  Many of them.  Since they're completely new to me, I can only assume the seller had furniture over them before. 
    • I think that was a bit underhanded. 
    • Now I'm going to have to replace the carpet or invest in throw rugs.  I can't afford the former, so I'll probably do the latter on the cheap, at least until I learn how Jack will react to another animal's urine in his new home. 
    • If he feels like laying down his own markings, I suppose I might as well wait 'til he's done and then replace the carpet entirely.
    • (Before I lay down any rugs, I will try treating the rug with both rug cleaner and the dog variety of Simple Green Pet Stain and Odor Remover.  No reason to invite cat agitation and retaliatory urination.) 
  • There were two garage door remotes on the counter.  I took one with me and locked all the doors, etc.  When I tried it, it didn't work.  We manually overrode the garage door and confirmed that it still works mechanically, so hopefully the remote I took just has a dead battery.  Still:  a mild argh.   
  • I'm going to have to treat the deck pretty soon, so my friend says. 
  • You know what?  I really want to paint ALL the rooms but the living room, but I'm going to have to settle for one, unless my sister feels really energetic about tearing off wallpaper.
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