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Been drinking champagne

... well, sparkling white wine.  As I've said in the past, I'm not a purist.

I think I may have enough fragments to pull together into a John and Penny story.  Now, it'll probably be a long time before it materializes, me being me.  But I got them over the tough bit, at long last.  

(This won't be the main story, sorry.   This was a story I got the idea for somewhere around November.)

Today was a gorgeous day, and I stayed indoors despite that and took naps and did housekeeping.  I cleaned out all the aging stuff from the fridge.  I deserve kudos for that.  I also started a new box labeled "Shred" for all my pre-2000 records.  I can't find any authority that says even tax returns have to be kept for more than 10 years.  I've freed up almost an entire file drawer, tossing all the bills from the various utilities that now bill me by email.

Is anyone else having trouble with:
  1. LJ signing them out unexpectedly, or
  2. YouTube videos playing the audio but not showing the video?  Unless you mouse over it?  In which case you get another still image? 
I'm going to go now and watch the Netflix DVD I've had since -- let's not even inquire.  A while.