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Favorite Things Meme

Borrowed (I'll give it back, I swear!) from wickedgillie.

Favorite Things Meme

: Hmm. Probably stephanotis -- but I only know it from the scent (Culpeper's eau de toilette, which they no longer make).
Drink: (Alcoholic) Champagne. (Non) Artisan ginger ale.  Or, Irish Breakfast tea. 
Gadget: my new iPod Touch (aka The Gadget)
Book: hard to pick one, but I usually say Brother of the More Famous Jack, by Barbara Trapido. Which -- I'll say again -- you all ought to go to your public library websites RIGHT NOW and reserve.
Sunglasses: A pair of black-and-gold plastic Jackie O sunglasses from CVS.
Scent: Fresh bread. And reallyreally fresh butter.  Or, fresh raspberries.
App: Keyoe, Inc.'s Diet and Exercise Assistant. That or Llamagraphics's Life Balance.
Movie: Quite possibly My Man Godfrey, the original version.
Junk Food: Popcorn, Indiana's Movie Theater Popcorn
Guilty Pleasure: Naps. Also, cake.
Last song downloaded: Translator, Translator. Delightful how you can get albums on iTunes that aren't available on CD.