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I seem somehow to have done something to my shoulder muscles. Pretty much anything on the right side of my body between my waist and my jaw hurts now. I blame the shoulder muscles, because the shoulder hurt first, but I think I've mildly strained a few other things while trying to compensate.

I don't know what I did. I have a vague memory of doing something with my right hand from an awkward position, but I don't remember what it was, or why it didn't hurt then but really hurts now.

I've got the sliding doors open to the balcony, for the night air, and there's someone out there, probably on another balcony, with a voice like a square dance caller. It's very disconcerting. Nobody seems to realize that if you're out between the buildings, everybody can hear everything you say. I can't tell you how many "private" phone calls I've shut a window or the doors on.