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June 28, 2008

Had a date to go shoe shopping with my sister, but she called me up as I was getting off the exit by the shopping center to say she'd overslept. So I did some commando-mission shoe shopping at DSW Shoe Warehouse, emerging with two pairs in about thirty minutes, and went off to Whole Foods for a smoothie and some organic snack foods. The fine desserts in their refrigerated case by the beverage counter were awe-inducing: raspberry mousse in mug-size chocolate shells, cupcakes piled high with flower-colored sculptures of icing. How they can reconcile that much butter and sugar with their original mission as a health-foods store defeats me, but they were certainly inspiring to look at.

We met instead at Home Goods, where I saw a bark-and-wood-shavings hedgehog that reminded me of kalleah, bought a set of washclothes, and looked at furniture. I'm in need of some kind of structure with bins near the door in which to dump the mail to be filed and the mail to be shredded (that would be two separate bins, there) so we looked at hutches and bookcases with bins. Nothing seemed quite right.

They had some crockery I loved -- tall, thin-walled mugs with green and pale blue paisley designs, with cream interiors and a single paisley swirl on the inner wall -- but I already have a mug collection, a set of coffee cups, four fine china cups and saucers, and S.'s grandmother's tea set. No room for extra mugs. But I loved them. If they'd had a matching teapot I might have bought them anyway. They reminded me of Liberty prints.

I bought what billed itself as a lemon-infused Belgian chocolate bar at the checkout counter, being something of a sucker for Belgian chocolate, but it turned out to have some patented form of cactus extract added to it, to hasten the burn of calories. That's not what I think of when I think of "Belgian chocolate". It did not improve the experience. After each eating a square I gave the rest of the bar to my sister.

A good day, all told.