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Arizona shooting - reactions

I've been reading the comments sections of various news sources.  Lucidity and reasonableness vary from place to place, of course, but the breakdown on CNN and ABC seems to be:
  • A large number of reasonably lucid people blaming right wing rhetoric;
  • A small number of not very lucid people blaming right wing rhetoric;
  • A small number of reasonably lucid people saying they could have guessed that the Right would be blamed for this;
  • A small number, sounding rather Nixon-era, describing the shooter as a liberal hippie pothead flag-burner;
  • A small number of people saying that if you're part of a fascist government, you bring this sort of thing on yourself.
  • A large number of very shocked people saying that surely all that matters is that 18 innocent people were shot;
  • A small number saying that we just don't have enough facts yet to draw any conclusions;
  • A small number saying that, whatever political motivations the shooter might or might not have had, what little public evidence there is suggests that he was mentally ill. 
Plus a few tiny fractions running around being randomly offensive in ways they consider funny.

I also saw an interesting comment on the Guardian site; you can find the original here:

If that's the guy's website he sounds more like an echo, tanslated [sic] through teen culture, of William Jennings Bryan.

Strange stuff.

Just for chewing, he's the right age for onset of schizophrenia.