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First snow of the season!

It's snowing hard here in Southern Ohio.  Not so hard that you couldn't get out and do things, but heavily enough to provide a good excuse not to go anywhere.

I, however, will be walking out to get myself some takeout Thai in about half an hour.  I love having a Thai restaurant so close to the apartment.

In other news, I discovered my malfunctioning sewing machine is not actually malfunctioning:  it just was left on the bobbin-winding setting the last time I used it (2003?) and thus wouldn't sew.  So a trip to the repair place and $75 dollars to be told I'm an idiot was saved.  Meanwhile, I can finally repair the two pairs of dress pants with broken zippers that have been sitting in a pile on my dresser for so long. 

I plan to make vegan cupcakes today.  No, I haven't become a vegan, but I happen to enjoy vegan sweets.  And who could resist that photograph?   I also am hoping to prove a point to S., who argues that veganism may be morally superior (though he disputes it) but is inevitably gustatorily challenged.  But then, S. enjoys falafel with Louisiana hot sauce and pepper jack cheese, so I don't think he has room to lecture. 

I have been mainlining Julia Cameron books.  We'll see what comes of that.