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Progress on Chapter 15

I've been working on chapter 15 since the minute I posted chapter 14. It's tough.

I wrote bits for it way back in the beginning. I thought I had a pretty good idea where it was supposed to go. It just leads into Sixteen and a bit of plot. But it's been rough. I keep thinking of all kinds of things that could happen -- lighthearted talks, serious talks, serious disagreements, loving sex, angry sex, angsty non-sex. Nothing quite persuades me that it has to happen -- that this is the very next thing that happens, before we get to the Bit of Plot. I write, and I read it, and I think, "John talking about his childhood -- that's all very well, but you've been doing that for fourteen chapters. You're stalling for time."

Plus, the stuff that needs to be said after chapter 14 (a little clarification on Penny's reaction to John's world) is coming out very clunky. There are a few good paragraphs and a lot of awkward attempts at putting things into words. It's funny that something that makes such sense to me is so hard to put into words. Maybe it's because it's easy for me to summarize, and say, "Penny feels this way", but to portray it as a series of realizations, as a train of thought, is much harder. Dramatizing the exposition, that's the trick.

I put Penny and John together, looking at each other, and they start to talk. But if they clear up all their issues, then the Bit of Plot can't happen properly and then I don't know what's going to happen.
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