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For a variety of reasons I have been reorganizing my home office and shedding books. I took two boxes to Half Price Books and got $26 back, which is almost an order of magnitude higher than I've ever got from them before. (I've been trying to think what I sold them that could conceivably have had resale value!)

I have found two unlabeled printer-paper boxes (so far) full of what I would have to call "Misc Papers". (I have been labeling things while I go.) I am hoping to trim them down to one box, although ideally everything in both of them would be either recycled or filed somewhere.

I also found a box that contained about 6 inches of old computer printouts, plus hard copies of some very early efforts towards fiction. The printouts go but the manuscripts stay, of course. They got a label ("Old Mss") and a place on the Organized Shelves.

I found a stray box I have now labeled "Fabric: Beige". I went through a compulsive sewing and fabric-buying stage many years ago. I still have a whole closet full of fabrics, mostly high-quality ones (I was trying to beat the high cost of business suits by making my own.) They're heading for eBay, or will when I take a deep enough breath to take THAT on.

(If any of you have sold multiple things on eBay and found it stress-free, please reassure me that it's a relatively low-attention kind of enterprise!)