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Still no Season Five icon

... but at least I have a reaction:

As someone commented elsewhere, one of the slightly amusing things about this season so far is that you keep spotting things that could be Clues -- or could be continuity errors.

What gratified me a great deal is that, finally, a few dropped threads were picked up! There was even a shout-out to the non-impact of the Cyber King episode on history. The Doctor noticed the crack, at last, in this episode rather than Episode Twelve. The duckless duck pond came up again. And the centrality of Amy, which everybody has been predicting, was emphasized.

Some things that caught my attention:

  • A seeming shout-out to The Silver Chair, of all things, when the remaining soldier (Marcus? Markham?) was insisting that there had never been anybody named Pedro, never been anybody there but the two of them.

  • Amy and Eleven. On a beach. Staring at the sea, the TARDIS to one side, as the Doctor repeats, with seeming satisfaction, "Time can be rewritten."

  • Amy and Eleven's tussle in her bedroom. This struck me as out of character -- not that she might make a move on the Doctor, but her absolute, undeterrable single-mindedness. Frankly, I suspect sex pollen. (It was a very funny sequence, though!)

  • Didn't the sonic screwdriver have any settings that would cut through metamorphorical stone, or whatever the statues are made of? I can't believe that all he could do for the Bishop was honor his sacrifice! Surely it would have been possible to cut through the statue's wrist!? (But I suppose that spending time on that might have given the other statues time to catch up, or something. I forget exactly what was supposed to be going on.)

  • How can a crowd of weeping angels actually advance on anybody, given that those in front must be visible to those in back, and therefore be petrified? (ETA: I infer that they must only advance when it's dark, and that, while they can evidently find their way and their victims in the dark, they can't "see" in the dark as such, and therefore can't see each other. I'm not sure this episode was completely consistent on this point.)

  • I found it highly amusing that as the Angels tumbled into the Void the Crack, they were revealed to have the polygon-shaped flat bottoms of actual statues! So they aren't creatures with wings who happen to look like Roman and Renaissance ideals of humanity -- they actually are statues, these creatures. (How do they move? Do they wade in stone, like Lewis's dryads walked in dirt up to their ankles?)



May. 7th, 2010 10:54 pm (UTC)
Well, every time the lights went out, the statues had moved. So I guess it was helping them advance.