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Apr. 11th, 2010

I did a partial book purge this morning -- partial because I wasn't very organized or formal about it. I just ran around taking out books that at one time or another I'd looked at and decided, "Yeah, I'll get rid of that one."

But the interesting thing was how many books were on the never-will-purge list. I'm proud to say I keep an interesting bookshelf. Well, shelves. Well, bookcases. In every room.

Some of them have sentimental value, some are things I haven't read but plan to, some are resources (and you might be surprised which ones), and a number I simply like.

I did get rid of a number of books I originally bought because I knew the author. I figure such books have a half-life: by the time the author has expressed regret that their first work appeared in that anthology, you're entitled to give the book away without feeling guilty. Similarly, if you met the author socially, spotted one of his books in a second-hand store and picked it up, but never saw him again and never read the book anyway, you might as well pass it on.

But some knew-the-author books I've kept, because, darn it, they're good books, and the author doesn't get enough credit anyway.