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I dreamed I was telling my father about my neighborhood. About the independent stationers on the corner, with its advertisements for cheap photocopying and discount toner cartridges and how it manages to stay in business despite being closed every time I pass by. About the little shop catty-cornered from it, a lone narrow building in a wide lot, a house front built in, perhaps, the twenties, how it isn't quite a hardware store yet claims to be able to find whatever small appliance part you're looking for, about the old man who runs it. It, too, is closed on Sundays.

I never noticed these, I told him, despite living for years in this neighborhood, until I took a walk one Sunday, determined to Notice Things. And notice things I did.

I wish all that were true. I've taken walks in order to Notice Things. But I never took that walk. Those stores don't exist. I dreamed the whole thing.



Apr. 12th, 2010 10:52 pm (UTC)
Maybe so. :) I was sad when I woke up and realized that none of it was real.