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Writing meme

This was the writing meme from teaspooners. I thought I'd answer it here rather than there. My answers aren't as thoughtful or interesting as many people's, I'm sure, since I don't have a long history of successfully finished stories to draw on (see: block, writer's). But here goes.

Ideas. Where the hell do they come from? Can you make those little fuckers show up?

The absolute best, never-fail method to get lots of story ideas is to have something else that you need to be doing but can't face just yet. I got tons of ideas last year when I was temporarily homeless and had lots of phone calls to place and decisions to make. I wrote in my journal constantly, making fiction projects to escape into from the real world.

Wild horse-bunnies. When a story just gets pulled right out of you. Do you get them?

Not really, not quite like that. Sometimes a character will make his- or herself known to me and I start pouring out their universe onto the page. But usually they don't have a story attached to them, just circumstances.

Writer's block. Have you been scourged?

God yes. Mostly plot block. I know a character's circumstances and feelings, but I don't know where they go from where they are. (Sometimes I'll read a published novel and think, you were plot-blocked, weren't you? You wanted to write about these people but had to graft some arbitrary adventure around them in order to have something to write about.) Sometimes I'll know the end but not know how we get from what feels like the beginning to what feels like the end.

Clean up duty. Do you like editing?

Yes, generally. It's not as intense as writing and it leads to the gratification of posting.

The ending. Is it hard for you to find the ending?

I don't usually get anywhere near the ending (see writer's block, above) so I can't say.

The title. Where do you get yours? Do you have yours when you start the story?

Sometimes the title comes first: there's one unfinished fic I started (not "Heritage") because I thought of a great title and had to use it. Other times I just sort of synthesize one from the feeling of the story. With "Lots of Planets", the title was the only one possible other than "North", which watered down the punchline, so "Lots of Planets" it was. "Heritage" was a last-minute grab in the dark for something that would work (at the time the story was a one-shot) and I think someone else had just posted something called "Legacy".

Plot. If you plot out your stories first, raise your hand.

I don't necessarily plot in detail beforehand, but I like to know where I'm going. I think I knew where "Heritage" was going by the time I started chapter 2.

POV. How do you choose your POV for a scene? For a story?

Generally the POV is implicit in the initial vision I have of the story.

Challenges. Do you like them? Do they inspire you?

I've never tried one, but I'd like to.

Sex. Do you like writing sex?

I've only written one sex scene. It was difficult to get right, partly because I was slightly out of sorts physically at the time and it messed with my writing, somehow. It came out in a different voice than I'd intended, but I'm not dissatisfied with it. I'm willing to try again on something else.