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Five Questions meme

jlrpuck invited people to comment on her journal and receive five questions. These were mine:

1. What is your favourite way to while away time?

Lying on top of my bed, head propped up, with satisfying reading material that I may or may not read, just drifting back and forth between sleep and waking, happily aware that I have a whole sunny day ahead in which to explore the world.

2. You are restricted to watching 30 seconds of David Tennant. Just thirty seconds, that's it. What do you choose, and why? (sorry--for some reason, your icon randomly inspired that question)

I'm only a dabbler in his oeuvre; I haven't even finished watching Blackpool! I can't pick a particular scene or a particular film/show, but I'd say it's one of the moments in which he's watching the camera (or the other characters) with his sharp eyes, lips parted, teeth showing, insouciant and sexy and very much aware of it.

Why? Because I don't know how a pale, skinny boy like him pulls it off, where he summons it from, but the amount of magnetism he brings to bear is really remarkable.

3. What's your favourite frivolous thing? (manicures, something you bought yourself on a whim...that kind of thing)

Hmm. I was just thinking this evening that I don't do enough frivolous, self-nurturing things. I'd say reading a novel by someone like Elizabeth Peters, buying costume jewelry or shoes, or eating an ice cream cone.

4. What is your favourite holiday? Why?

Hmm. I'm one of those people who dreads the holiday season, but nonetheless I think it's Christmas. I spend it with my parents and some of my extended family, who are almost all people I delight in. I get to return to what was my home growing up, which will always be the Safe Place beyond all Safe Places to me, regress just a tiny bit, and spend some uncomplicated, guilt-free time doing nothing. I make cookies and my California fruit and nut cake (which is nothing like traditional fruitcake) and I get to surprise people with presents no one else would get for them.

5. What's the one thing you can't start your day without?

Irish Breakfast tea.

and--one last one, which is purely selfish. Will you still be updating Heritage?

Absolutely! There've been a lot of demands on my time and energy since last summer, especially over the last month or so, which have made it harder to make progress, but I fully intend to finish it.



Jan. 25th, 2008 02:01 am (UTC)
Answers are here.