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I have scheduled "Loll about" as a recurring weekly task in my personal organizer. I see this as a strike for mental health.

My fleece-lined down coat, which was briefly lying on the floor, is suspiciously damp. Uh-oh. I had neglected the Box for a few days because I was out of litter and had misplaced my credit card. That may have been a significant tactical error.

Jack made his sixth escape in a month while I was coming in the front door. He really, really wants out. Of course, once out, he stands still and stares at the long wall of doors, dumbfounded. It's not what he sees from the window. He doesn't seem to mind being scooped up and brought indoors, though. Could it all be a plea for attention?

The rebuilt PC seems to be doing nicely. Things are much faster. I don't know if that's just because there's less software on it now, or whether they're right who say that from time to time you have to nuke and pave a hard drive, just to get an uncluttered registry.



Mar. 7th, 2010 09:40 am (UTC)
Why, thank you! Vir is half-Siamese with tabby points -- yes, his eyes really are that blue. This is his 1st birthday portrait, the other was taken at about 5 months.

If you can't find what you need locally, online vendors are frequently much cheaper even with shipping if you can batch your purchases.

2 more ideas occurred to me. Can Jack watch the outside world during the day? A lot of cats love that. Also, Jack may be used to having other cats around & not know what to do with himself alone yet. But with lots of affection & playtime, he should adjust.

Mar. 9th, 2010 02:39 am (UTC)
Wow, that's an even more handsome picture! And his eyes are unbelievably blue! What a lovely color!

Jack has a big window he can watch from, and he seems to enjoy that. He comes running when he hears the blind go up (it's in my bedroom.) And he apparently did have a companion in his former home. I made inquiries about the companion, but she seems to have been adopted by someone else.

I try to give him quality time in the morning and evening, but it's mostly petting and tummy-rubbing. He's lost his interest in fur mice and plastic balls, so I'm not sure how to play with him (although Da Bird gets him running around.)