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My cat, a.k.a. the adventurer White-Footed Jack, staged an escape today. He darted out while I was opening the front door. He must have been lying in wait inside while I fumbled outside for my keys. Fortunately, he didn't get far, seeming dumbfounded by the endless empty corridor and the dark opening at the far end, from which came the sound of wind, but it was a near thing.

(I think a long, drab, unheated corridor, lined with closed doors, with a dark opening at the far end from which comes the sound of wind, would be a good visual for some kind of out-of-body or other-worldly experience in fic.)

That aside, I do worry whether Jack is enjoying himself here. I'm a little worried he's bored. Am I projecting? Maybe.



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Feb. 5th, 2010 01:13 am (UTC)
I worried that Moly got bored or lonely at home alone all day, and got her a companion cat she pretty much hated. Of course, what I didn't really realize at the time was that Moly's very people-oriented in her socialness, and doesn't much care if she has other cats around. And that's different from boredom, anyway. Can he look out a window? Does he play much with toys? Sometimes it takes a while to find the kind of toys a particular cat likes. My three have very different tastes, and rarely touch each other's stuff. Even the Panic Mouse has only one fan in this household.

Toeffe would certainly like to go exploring outside, but he has to settle for the occasional outing on a leash (which, to be honest, just makes him really annoying for the next month as he keeps begging to go out again, but he enjoys it so much I put up with that). When we lived in an apartment building, I used to take him for accompanied strolls in the hallway. He'd run like hell back to the apartment door at the slightest sign of other human habitation, but he loved being out of the apartment.

Anyway, most cats don't really bore all that easily, and I'd be more concerned about it if he showed destructive behavior. But toys 'n play 'n fun things to watch are always good, too.
Feb. 5th, 2010 11:13 pm (UTC)
He can look out a window, which he goes galloping towards whenever he realizes I've raised the blinds. (It's in my bedroom, so I only raise them when I'm not going to be in it.) He does have toys, primarily catnip toys, which he loves. He also enjoys fur mice. I should probably invest in some more toys.

I love the image of your taking Toeffe for accompanied strolls! I should try that, maybe when it gets warmer. (Our hallways are covered, but have open staircases at the ends.)

Thanks for the reassurance; that makes me feel better. I do want Jack to have a happy life here, and I keep getting the feeling that there's something he wants to convey to me, but can't.
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