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Object frenzy

I ordered a netbook a week ago. A good-looking one. With a matching mouse. I wasn't expecting it until the 29th, but then I got an email saying it shipped yesterday, with expected arrival of today!

I tried not to live in suspense, not to think of how much fun it would be to play with this weekend, while waiting for it to arrive (I had it shipped to me at my office) but I couldn't help feeling disappointed when 4 pm passed and it hadn't appeared.

I checked the email: it said "December 18". I followed a link or two. They said "December 18".

I finally followed a link out of the vendor website to the FedEx website. And there, for expected date of arrival, it said ... December 19!

*wails* I won't be there December 19! I'll have to wait until Monday!


Dec. 20th, 2009 01:55 am (UTC)
We've looked at netbooks too. Ostensibly it would have been for my son, but extensive road testing would have been required. ;-)