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Actually feeling good

My boss sent us all home at 2:30.

I don't know if it was the shortened day, the fact that I made significant progress this morning on something I've found very difficult, or what, but I've been very productive tonight. I've done laundry, soaked and blocked my practice scarf, written a long email to someone I've owed one to for a few weeks, and listened to a CD someone recommended I hear. I've also coordinated with everybody I need to coordinate with for tomorrow (or at least left messages) and verified that I have everything I need to make the waffles I promised to make for breakfast.

I wish people were posting tonight, although I absolutely understand why they would be busy!

I guess this is the proverbial Unplanned Time. I can do some TAW homework, crochet, work some on my original scarf pattern (I need to translate a block diagram into stitches), read (Harry Potter, which I'm finally embarking on, or the 3rd Elizabeth Willey novel), do some work-work, finish watching CoE, channel-surf, listen to DT radio interviews, or, conceivably, write.

(Sounds pretty planned to me, actually! But the key thing, I suppose, is to consult myself on what I actually want to do rather than what prudence or productivity dictate I do next.)



Nov. 26th, 2009 08:15 am (UTC)
I did a lot of nothing very much, and it was fun. :)