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One of my questions in the five-question meme of a few weeks ago was, "What book or play would you make into a movie, and who would you cast?" The book I picked was Brother of the More Famous Jack, by Barbara Trapido. Probably nobody but me cares about the answer to the question, but I've thought about it for a bit, and I can't sleep anyway, so here are some answers.

I think Ralph Brown (Danny from WITHNAIL AND I and Bob from PIRATE RADIO) might be a good choice to play Jacob. The role of Bob doesn't show it, but he can play sharp-witted, can be very charismatic, and the accent is right (I think). I'd like Tara Fitzgerald, as she is now, to play Jane. Talulah Riley (Marianne from PIRATE RADIO) could play the young Jane in flashbacks and/or the grown-up Rosie.

I saw Matthew Goode in a trailer today for what looked like a terrible movie: I could see him as the grown-up Jonathan. Casting Katherine is hard: Sienna Miller looks right, but I'm not sure she can act, and the times I've seen her try she has a kind of calculated vulnerability layered over sharpness that I find really unappealing. I saw a girl in PIRATE RADIO who had the perfect look for the young Katherine, though: Olivia Llewellyn, who played Marianne's friend. If she can only act (she didn't have any lines), she'd be perfect.

I can't think who would be good for Roger. But I think they breed young British men to brood attractively. I'm sure there's someone who could plausibly be Ralph Brown and Tara Fitzgerald's son and Matthew Goode's brother, with the burning eyes and sulky mouth of a teenaged Hamlet, out there.