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S. and I went to see PIRATE RADIO. We had a wonderful time. It's more a scrapbook of incidents than a movie with a plot: I would have thought it was based on someone's memoirs if I hadn't known the characters were all fictional. And it filled in the period detail (other than costumes and makeup) very sketchily. But it was a lot of fun, with lots of nice little character turns.

Bill Nighy was gorgeous, as per usual. The man knows how to wear a suit. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a raffish, lovable, moral center of the crew. Jack Davenport displayed his stiff upper lip to admiration. (Since Twatt is portrayed not entirely unsympathetically, and did try to get the police boats sent out to rescue the crew at the end, I expected we'd see him in a (perhaps hired?) boat in the flotilla that comes out to rescue the crew. That he apparently gave in to Sir Alistair's desire that they all be left to die pretty much spoils my enjoyment of that character.) Kenneth Branagh was doughy and Colonel Blimp-ish: a regular petty tyrant. I hope he was deliberately made up to look awful and doesn't look like that usually. He always had something of a scrapper's face, but I certainly hope he's aged better than that.

Speaking of aging well: Emma Thompson showed up in a very non-typical role, and I think this may be the first movie I've seen that featured both Branagh and Thompson since the Great Unpleasantness of the early 90s.

I give myself credit for recognizing Ralph Brown (Bob) as the same guy who played the drug dealer in WITHNAIL AND I, 20 years ago. (He happens to look a lot like someone I once knew very well. And, as Charlotte says in the movie, 20 years ago, he was gorgeous!)

I recommend.



Nov. 19th, 2009 02:21 am (UTC)
It's a lot of fun!