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Awake, and chipper, despite being even sicker (technically) than yesterday:  my chest hurts a bit when I breathe, and my nose is starting to get stopped up.  I'm starting to think that my good mood is a bit insane. 

Awake, but with nothing in particular to do.  I have a copy of Elizabeth Peters's Laughter of Dead Kings, and Elizabeth Willey's The Price of Blood and Honor.  I knew Elizabeth Willey slightly many years ago (it might be more accurate to say we had acquaintances in common) and, while I admire her talent, I found both of her previous books somewhat disappointing.  A Sorceror and a Gentleman (which is a title I wish I had thought of) is full of events, but has no story, as such.  You keep thinking, "Ah!  This is where it starts!  The rest of the book will be about x!"  And ... no, it isn't!  

For example, at one point a character, Prospero, expresses some interest out loud in a young woman he's previously met, of noble family, fair of countenance and full of virtue.  Oh, is it about their courtship?  No.  But after some event that I don't recall, she resolves to disguise herself as a man and journey to him, to give him some information or some object.  Oh, so it's about her adventures?  No, we don't see those.  But she is captured by one of the villains.  Oh!  So she escapes, or is rescued?  No, she's raped, tortured, and murdered (offstage).  [silence]  Gosh.  So the rest of the story is about Prospero's grief and revenge?  No, actually, as far as we're told, he never finds out.  She's never mentioned again. 

The whole book is like that.


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Oct. 29th, 2009 12:16 am (UTC)
I really, really, really like The Laughter of Dead Kings. YAY.
Oct. 29th, 2009 08:42 am (UTC)
I read a glimpse of a critical review of it and it kind of spoiled it for me: they pointed out all these flaws in it and now I keep seeing them. I must say, though, that Vicky, Schmidt, and John, are a lot of fun and I wish could spend time with them. And the premise of the crime is marvelous!
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