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The Dark has fallen flat

I loved Susan Cooper's Dark Is Rising series when I was an adolescent. It was one of those rare books that seem to alter your vision and internal narrative while you read them, so strongly do they convey a series of moments and a point of view. Once when I was miserable in college I snuck away for a day to the local city library and read the first book. The familiar myth was exactly the comfort I needed.

So I was sorry to read my first review of the movie and learn that, Christopher Eccleston notwithstanding, it's apparently terrible.

I usually avoid film versions of books that mean/meant a lot to me -- that's why I haven't seen Narnia, despite it getting actual good reviews -- and this seems like the obvious example of why.



Oct. 8th, 2007 12:17 am (UTC)
My big fear with seeing a movie of a beloved book is that the images in the movie will become indelibly associated with the story, and that I'll lose the details that my own mind came up with in favor of them.

Yes, exactly.