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Guest Cat is going home tomorrow.  I'll miss her, but it's time. 

She's been a lovely guest.  She's been very sweet and polite:  never scratching anything she shouldn't, never climbing where she shouldn't, never knocking anything over.  She doesn't start clamoring for food until 7 AM (more or less on the dot) and is very appreciative of any and all brushing and petting.  The only inconvenient thing about her is that she sheds like nothing I've ever seen (stroke her back and you get a palmful of grey felt) but that's hardly her fault. 

I'll miss her, but it's time. 



Sep. 15th, 2009 12:52 am (UTC)
That all sounds promising. I'll look on Saturday to see if the flyer is still up at the coffee place.

It also occurred to me (after reading about FIV on Wikipedia) that it's possible he could be FIV+ as a result of vaccination. He might at some point have had a home. (The flyer said he was a stray, but he sounded like a very healthy, happy, well-socialized stray from the description.) The blood test just detects antibodies, not the virus, so there's no way to know.